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Since 2004 we've helped hundreds of thousands of investors prepare for retirement, earn extra monthly income, and how to grow & protect their nest egg.

And now, see how we're combining decades of market experience with the science of Adult Learning, to create the World's First Adult-Learning Platform for Investors

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(Social Remote Adult Training Education System)

Introducing the World’s First Adult-Learning Platform
for Investors

Introducing an entirely new way for adults to learn how to invest using an adult-learning platform that’s dynamic, engrossing and truly interactive.

With its interactive online classes and amazing features, SOCRATES is the foundation of every course you take. And even as others try to catch up, the technologies and features built into SOCRATES keep the Institute of Individual Investors years ahead of the competition.

The Adult-Education Ceiling.

We’ve always been told that practice makes perfect. And that’s true except when it comes to investing.

But adults learn differently than children. Children can be taught by constant repetition. But if adults are forced to learn that way then they stop improving.  This is known as the “adult-education ceiling.”

The advanced science of “Goals-Based-Learning.”

To conquer that challenge we’ve invested the past five years developing SOCRATES the world’s first adult-learning platform for investors.

Based on the Knowles-Model of adult education, the Institute uses targeted goal-based learning phases so you keep focused on your specific investing goals. This helps you guard against education “burn-out” – so you can stay focused on achieving your goals for longer periods of time. 

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Achieving Your Goals Has Never Been Easier

This revolutionary new platform helps ensure that:

  • Every lesson is maximized to your benefit because it’s based on a specific goal you choose (INCOME, GROWTH, SPECULATION or WEALTH PRESERVATION)
  • You can take what you learn in class and apply it immediately to your investing
  • No “burn-out” effect means each class is as effective as the last

Your transformation begins immediately, as you discover how much easier investing is when you’re taught how to invest according to your personal goals instead of by asset class.

No longer will you be frustrated or confused over what to invest in or why. Your mind never has to adapt because SOCRATES adapts to you, leading to faster results and more successful investing.

Easy to Use and Incredibly Powerful

Learning on SOCRATES is all about creating an authentic classroom experience online, so SOCRATES makes it simple to find lessons, meet other students and check your progress fast.

Your login screen brings together lessons, classmates, recently asked questions and your progress tracker in one new feature that gives you a bird’s-eye view as soon as you log in. Think of it as the hub of your system: View everything and go anywhere with just a single glance and a click.

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Education and Technology Designed for each other

Since the lessons in every class are created by the same company that made SOCRATES, you get a fully-integrated system where everything works together seamlessly. SOCRATES is designed to give you the best possible education that is customized to your individual goals.

The chapters in every lesson break it down into bite-sized pieces, giving you more time to spend and focus on what you need to learn, instead of wasting time searching through a long lesson. Recently, “Real-time Questions” have been integrated into each lesson to reinforce what you’re learning, so the questions you ask will be more specific and lead you to faster, better answers.

Classes That Adapt to You…

Adaptive learning will transform the way you learn, so you can begin applying the lesson material immediately. During each lesson, I’ll ask a question, then you’ll see multiple choice answers appear. Select your answer and the presentation changes based upon your response.

So, if you’re grasping the material easily, you move right along to the next topic. But if you need further explanation to clarify an important point, you’ll get that extra support right away. It’s about as close to personalized instruction as you can get! 

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example screenshot

It Does Your Homework for You

Say goodbye to the worry and the hassle of learning everything by your self. Study Groups let you easily create or join groups of people who are just as serious as you are about learning. Studying with other like-minded people will help you apply what you learn in class to the real world, and share trading ideas or strategies with others interested in the same goals as you.

And with so many good questions answered over the years, you’ll want to make sure that finding them isn’t a challenge. With SOCRATES, you can sort answers by topics, goals or members – even if you don’t know the original question or lesson it came from.

Say you’re searching to replace your expensive international mutual funds with an international ETF, and the only thing you recall about it is the phrase “international ETF’s” Open Answers, start typing “international ETF’s,” and you’ll see a list of files that contain those words. And at a glance you don’t need to open every answer to verify that you’ve found the right one – instead you view a list of the most relevant answers.

Apply What You’ve Learned in the Classroom to the Real World

What good is all the knowledge in the world if you can’t apply it to the real world? With SOCRATES, immediately begin to apply what you’ve learned in class to the real world by browsing hundreds of past live question and answer sessions.

And of course, SOCRATES will alert you in advance so you never miss a live question and answer session with your instructor.

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example screenshot

Come Celebrate Your Achievements with Us Each Year

Then there’s our Annual Investor Conference which is fast becoming the place for people from all over the world to learn first-hand directly from our instructors. This three day event sells out every year – but our members get first priority, along with a substantial discount.

This is an event where IFII members learn from and socialize with IFII instructors, meet and network with other like-minded people, and have a fun, relaxing weekend in Florida.

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